Case Studies


TIFF 2018

The Work
Newcomers Jasmin Mozaffari (director) and Caitlin Grabham (producer) turned their university short film into a breath-taking, female-driven feature length film, debuting at TIFF 2018.  

The Challenge
Not only did the newcomers to the industry face the potential to get lost in a sea of celebrity and high-buzz filmmakers at the annual festival, but with a female-focused film, we new the messaging had to be precise and cutting.

The Solution
We aligned the films message and the director with the #MeToo movement, the #ShareHerJourney march, and positioned Jasmin for early features in top-tier media placements. We also capitalized on the star of the film, Karena Evans, recent success behind the camera on rapper Drake's music videos.

The Result
Jasmin and FIRECRACKERS was heavily featured in top-tier media including IndieWire, The Hollywood Reporter, Globe and Mail, ETalk, and more, as one to watch. The film, Jasmin, and Caitlin gathered international acclaim and accolades in the months that followed their sold-out TIFF premiere and screenings. 


TIFF 2017

The Work
Egyptian filmmaker and mega stars helmed the TIFF 2017 Closing Special Presentation with SHEIKH JACKSON, a controversial film about a devout Imam obsessed with the King of Pop.  

The Challenge
A foreign language film screening at the end of TIFF might not capture the media and audience interest, especially without a Hollywood star or producer backing the film. 

The Solution
We capitalized on our diverse audience and the film's Oscar announcement mid-TIFF to amplify its mainstream appeal. Plus we gave a few TV anchors moonwalk lessons. 

The Result
Each screening sold out, with line-ups down the street awaiting our Egyptian stars. We garnered close to 1Billion TUV's with articles all over the world, including exclusive announcements in The Hollywood Reporter, Variety and Screen International. 


Hot Docs 2018

The Work
Activist, survivor, and Ph.D. Mandi Gray documented her journey navigating the Canadian court system in her pursuit for justice in her 2016 rape trial, which coincided with the Jian Ghomeshi trials. 

The Challenge
The little known filmmakers and controversial subject matter were ahead of their time and #MeToo had yet to reach its peak. 

The Solution
AlphaPR harnessed the language of the brimming movement for survivors and women to speak out and leveraged Mandi's story to front-page news as a war-cry for women everyone to no longer fear their truth. 

The Result
We reached an audience of over 1.24Billion internationally, placing Slut or Nut: The Diary of a Rape Trial in the international spotlight, and encouraging women to bring their stories and voices forward.
Mandi Gray landed on the front cover of Toronto Life and NOW Magazine's Hot Docs pull-out.

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