Alpha's Value System

Alpha's core values inform the strategy of every engagement, e-mail, activation, campaign and meeting. We utilize our core values throughout our company and within all relationships and in every phase of our campaigns. 

Our core values act as the protocol against which we measure our processes.  


We are honest, straight-up and offer all our partners and clients a seat at the table on our process. We invite our juniors to our Advisory Board meetings, train thoroughly on our procedures, and tell it like it is. We believe in the power of access. Not only can our clients access our partners, they can access the knowledge and creativity all of Alpha has to offer, from an intern to our board members - you never know who has the next revolutionary idea. 

We observe the 'driving forces' in media, business, politics, and society-at-large to determine where your campaign, brand, voice and story are best served and delivered. By examining and testing different outcomes of your campaign (threats, opportunities), we strengthen our collective ability to capture and predict what will occur and how to maximize on the results. 

We develop the people we work with and begin right-away with training for all employees, board members and staff for complete understanding of our 'ways of working' to ensure competency and highest delivery on end result and alignment with our best practices. We believe in the strengths of the individual and that we are each others greatest resource. 

We believe in the power of empathy and understanding. We approach our dealings, our clients, and our audiences with the desire to understand and to be of service. We share in your goals, frustrations and passions - it's why we get out of bed in the morning. Our ability to feel is one of our greatest assets in an increasingly technological world - it ensures we building meaningful connections with your cause, story and audience. 

Media is a complex system with different voices, #FakeNews, and collective global consciousness raising while information technology continually evolves and advances. We utilize design-thinking to prepare solutions and actions that speak to your overall success within the larger framework of our current media landscape and society at large but consistently testing and re-testing our methods and measuring our results. 

We believe in open forums for discussion in which we, our employers and employees, clients and collaborators alike, can express concerns and vulnerabilities. We maintain a practice of accountability to one another by expressing our mistakes along with our victories and successes with just as much weight. We believe in growing a network based on trust, creativity, and innovation. 

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