brand marketing

The Assignment

When I came on board to run the marketing team, the legacy brand DivaCup was at the precipice of a new identity. But the company was faced with the question: where do we want to go in a post-Covid world? 

I worked closely with the innovation team and a chosen agency to create the new visual brand for Diva, and develop it’s new voice and brand book. Diva went from being seen as an aging-out brand (Boomer-focused) to a younger, refreshed brand that could attract new users (Millennials and Gen-Z) into the category. The results was a holistic brand that focused on inclusivity, body positivity, sustainability, and new innovative period products.

The Result

And the brand story evolved from this:

The #1 menstrual cup, the Kleenex of cups.

To this:

Period care for every body. 

Your conscious cycle care partner.

Working closely with the CEO and President I strategized and implemented effective change-management of the marketing department, doubling the team and implementing effective work processes for a whip-smart team while leading market research for new product testing and market research to inform innovative product pipelines, the company’s new brand identity, and overhauling the corporate social responsibility program into a full-fledged impact program with a keen focus on the Canadian and US markets.

My main focuses were: driving SEO and SERP ranking KPI’s, managing global communications in the US, Canadian, Japanese and Australian markets, and overhauling content and web initiatives for a more robust editorial content program. Other projects include marketing strategy and re-writing of the CEO’s forthcoming book, development of a market testing group, changes to the customer experience model using innovative design frameworks, and the professional development of an eager and motivated marketing team of 12.

The evolution of the brand focused on the pioneering story of a mother-daughter duo who broke through barriers of a gendered category to get their sustainable period care option on shelves in CVS’ and Shoppers Drug Marts across North America. The new brand identity honoured not only where they’ve been, but where the brand will go as a innovator, boundary-breaker and women-led company.

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